Our Member's Honored Patriots

These Patriots are the connections to the past for our members.



Alexander, Isaac--North Carolina

Allen, John--North Carolina

Baldwin, David--Georgia

Baldwin, Thomas--Virginia

Baldwin, William--Georgia

Banks, Drury--North Carolina

Barrows, Moses--North Carolina

Barton, Jonathan--Vermont

Beall, Thaddeus--Maryland

Beck, Jeffrey, Jr.--North Carolina

Beverly, John--North Carolina

Blanchard, Isaac--Rhode Island

Bonner, Henry--North Carolina

Box, Robert--South Carolina

Brown, Meredith--Georgia

Butler, Patrick--Virginia

Cain, Patrick--South Carolina

Camp, John--Virginia

Campbell, Aeneas, Sr.--Maryland

Castleberry, John--Georgia

Chandler, Joseph--North Carolina

Claggett, Dr. Samuel--Maryland

Clayton, William, Sr. --South Carolina

Cray, Allen--North Carolina

Collins, Elisha--Virginia

Cox, John--Virginia

Davis, Jonathan--Virginia

Davis, William--Virginia

Denney, Edward--South Carolina

Dubose, Elias--South Carolina

Felker, John/Jacob--South Carolina

Gaston, William--South Carolina

Gay, Allen--North Carolina

Goss, Thomas--North Carolina

Guthrie, Dr. Samuel--Massachusetts

Guthrie, James--Pennsylvania

Hale, Moses--Vermont

Hanson, Robert--Virginia

Hanson, Walter--Maryland

Harness, John--Virginia

Hasbrouck, Isaac--New York

Hasbrouck, Jacobus Bruyn--New York

Hitt, John--Virginia

Hooper, Richard Brooks--Georgia

Houtz, John--Virginia

Hudson, Irby--Virginia

Hughey, James--North Carolina

Jones, Nimrod--Georgia

Keith, Cornelius--South Carolina

Kimbrough, William--Georgia

Kinard, Martin--South Carolina

Lane, Aaron--Virginia

Latham, Thomas--Virginia







Lenior, Thomas--South Carolina

Lester, Jacob--Virginia

Long, Jeremich--Pennsylvania

Lyle, Mahar Shallal Hasby--Virginia

May, Joseph--South Carolina

McCarter, James--South Carolina

McLaurine, William--Virginia

Morris, Andrew--Connecticut

Moses, Shelby--North Carolina

Parr, Benjamin--New Jersey

Perkins, Archibald--Virginia

Petty, William--North Carolina

Philips, Abraham--North Carolina

Philom, Nathan--Connecticut

Polk, John--North Carolina

Prickett, George--North Carolina

Pruitt, Samuel II--Virginia

Randall, Nicholas--Connecticut

Ross, William--Virginia

Rowe, John--North Carolina

Scarlett, Newman--Massachusetts

Siler, Plikar Dederic--North Carolina

Smith, Gabriel--North Carolina

Smith, Isaac--Virginia

Stidham, Zachariah, Jr.--South Carolina

Strickland, Jacob--North Carolina

Stringer, Daniel--South Carolina

Sutton, Thomas--North Carolina

Taylor, Joshua--North Carolina

Taylor, Robert--North Carolina

Thomas, Philip--Maryland

Thompson, Seth--North Carolina

Thomason, William--Virginia

Tomkins, III, Christopher--Virginia

Tuggle, Lodowick--Virginia

Tyson, Jehu--North Carolina

Van Cleave, Benjamin--North Carolina

Vose, Joseph--Massachusetts

Wade, Edward--Virginia

Walker, Nathaniel--North Carolina

Walters, Robert, Jr.--Virginia

Walters, Robert, Sr.--Virginia

Ware, John--Virginia

Washburn, Seth--Massachusetts

Watson, David--North Carolina

Westover, Nathaniel Oliver--Massachusetts

Whitney, Samuel--Massachusetts

Wofford, William--South Carolina

Woodbury, Israel--Massachusetts

Woodruff, Jacob--Connecticut

Woodruff, James--Connecticut

Wortham, Thomas--Virginia

York, William--North Carolina



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